GL-ax1800 wireguard vpn for ps4

i want to setup my GL-ax1800 to allow ONLY my ps4 to connect through and use a wireguard vpn tunnel. But i am having trouble understanding how to configure in the GL-ax1800 GUI.
Has anyone been successful with this ?

You need to select the proxy mode to be based on client device and then add the PS4’s MAC address to the list。

whaaaat ?

but… when i do that … reboot my ax1800 . and then … after checking the ps4 network status … i get “no connection” on the ps4.

hey luochongjun…

i really appreciate you taking the time … to analyze my issue … any after thoughts ?

Maybe the PS4 has some special limitations, I think you can use another device, such as a PC first try to see if the strategy can connect to the Internet properly.