GL-AXT-1800 - problems connecting to uni wirelss


First problem:

Using Luci, no networks are showing GL-AXT-1800

But from the admin GUI, I can see the networks upon Scan in repeater option. IDK why?

Second problem:
I want to use luci to be able to connect to my uni (eduroam) network with the following parameters, and I can’t enter these values anywhere:

Security type: WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption method: AES
Key-Management: WPA-EAP
EAP (Phase 1): PEAP
Tunneled-EAP-Typ (Phase 2): MSCHAPv2
Root certificate: T-Telesec Global Root Class 2
External/Anonymous Identity:
Password: Your password

The uni provide 3 certificates .pem and .crt format

Third problem:

MSCHAPv2 is not working with PEAP on GLinet router

Any hlep?

Did you set wireless mode to client mode?

yes, I am using it in client mode