GL -AXT router VPN Wireguard Client

Could you please help me with the install of the VPN Wireguard Client within my GL -ATX1800 router? Turning on the VPN WireGuard Server was simple to do. The Wireguard Client install also looks easy if only I had the zip, tar, gz, conf, or txt file that the router asks for. I don’t have the ability to create such a file. My setup is a smart cell phone tethered to the router which gives me WiFi Internet access. I don’t want to use a paid VPN service. For such a file, can you email it to me of give me a webpage address where I can find it? Thank you.

You need a VPN provider to be able to use VPN Client.

There are free VPN’s, but those will likely sell your data, might as well not use a VPN.

If you want to try a VPN, and are on a budget, check out

I have the impression that after installing a Client VPN in my router, my Internet speeds will greatly increase. The router firmware indicates that I do NOT need a VPN service for only the simple install of Wireguard.

Your internet speed will not increase by using a VPN. It’ll either stay the same speed, or slow down.

Using Wireguard is free. Using a VPN through Wireguard is not, since that is a paid product from another company.

I have T-Mobil phone service. They detect that I have a router tethered from my cellphone for Internet service. They therefore greatly throttle down my GB/sec download speed.

Then you should use mac clone instead: MAC Clone - GL.iNet Docs

“MAC Clone is useful when you connect to a public hotspot but you do not want the server to know your real MAC address or limit your Internet connections based on your MAC address.”

Is MAC Clone compatible with a Android phone which I have? Also, I have a private network setup which should be safer.

Absolutely. Simply connect your phone to the router, go to mac clone in the admin panel, and select your own android as source for mac cloning.

Your T-Mobile provider will then think your android is using the data, and not a router.

Sounds great ! Thanks for the advice. I will try that.

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Bit of a communication issue here. When the GL-ATX1800 is the VPN Server you are connecting to it from outside you Local Area Network (LAN). example: At a cafe with wifi want to connect to it but am not sure of its security. I turn on my wireguard client on phone connect to cafe wifi, wireguard connects to my home VPN server securely and encrypted, goes out into the internet the wifi can’t see anything but a encrypted tunnel.
This is 4.x instructions

It’s my understanding that when the ATX router is configured as the VPN Client, then the data flow from/to the router WiFi devices are more safely protected than when only a VPN Server is configured.

again I believe you are confusing WPA2 AES and WPA3 AES with a VPN. This is the packet encryption from wifi device to the router. When the WiFi packets reach the router they are then sent out to the internet or are sent to the VPN then sent to the internet.

This is true. A VPN server is basically a way for you to access your local network, without actually being there.

A VPN Client is your router hiding itself & all connected devices.

I am confused on what you are trying to accomplish. You have a AXT-1800 connected to a Cellphone. The Cellphone is your gateway to the internet and the AXT-1800 is your router sharing the internet connection with other devices. If you added a wireguard server then client devices would connect to the router and go out over the internet unencrypted. When the router is a client it connects encypted to a remote server somewhere and then goes out to the internet.

Blobbie, I like your description of a VPN Client. As you described Mac Clone, I am thinking that selecting my android phone as the source for mac cloning, will not be safe as would be a Wireguard Client. Safety or protection is my primary concern.

Cloning mac will not provide extra security, it will only remove the limit your mobile internet provider has placed on the router.

If you want to hide your devices, their location etc, you will need to use a Wireguard Client. I recommended Mullvad above. It’s 5€ a month, and adds the most privacy. It blocks ads, trackers and more, like adult content if you want that.

Off topic Blobbie01, is Mullvad any better with getting around GEO-restrictions from netflix, amazon,hbomax and BBCplayer. I currently Use NordVPN and want to get better speed using Wireguard. Mullvad I would not hesitate to use for work or torrenting, not so good to watch stuff I have found. Looking at ExpressVPN , ProtonVPN and SurfShark.

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Nope. Mullvad is terrible at streaming😅 Best to go with either WindScribe or SurfShark for that (both support Wireguard).

Thanks for the Mullvad reference. I have looked at Mullvad VPN - Privacy is a universal right web page and at Fees are not in US $ . I contacted both of them for more info. I still have a hard time understanding/appreciating why I am not able to find a free Wireguard Client file that GLiNet indicates can be installed within its router.

As of today 9/16/22 5 Euro is equal to $5.01

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