Gl-axt1800 4.1.0 r7 - wireless repeater shown as disabled

Brought the gl-axt1800 on the road.

Connected to hotel wifi as wireless repeater, but the status page showed the wireless repeater ia disabled, I think this is an error please take note

What is the tethering? A Huawei modem?

Do you mean the repeater is disabled which is a display error? If it is really disabled, just click Connect to start repeating.

tethering is with huawei e3372h-320 usb modem

i feel is display error, since the globe icon shows wwan and tethering icons but repeater (sta) shows ‘disabled’

Anyhow, i delete the saved network and rejoin the hotel wifi, able to remove the display error. Did not recreate the display error since.

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