GL-AXT1800 can’t access LAN from other IP subnets

The latest firmware 4.5.0 has broken LAN connectivity from another subnet when the router is connected to a VPN.

I have a Slate AXT-1800 in repeater mode connected to a network called “Work-Employees.” I enabled the VPN client on the router, and then connected to Surfshark Wireguard config.

I made sure enable “Allow Access WAN” and “Remote Access LAN” on the VPN page. I made sure to port forward and all. I’ve done this many times before. My workplace has 2 networks and subnets that can communicate with each other.

Let’s say “Work-Guest” has the subnet and “Work-Employees” has the subnet My router was assigned the internal IP

I’m able access to anywhere as long as I’m connected to either “Work-Guest”, “Work-Employees”, or my router itself. However, once I turn on the VPN client on the router, I can access from only “Work-Employees”. I can no longer access from “Work-Guest”.

I reverted to firmware 4.4.6, and this was working properly again. It seems like firmware 4.5.0 broke something. I’m not that techy at setting up routing rules or networking stuff. If anyone could tell me how to allow connections from subnet, that would be awesome.

I hope this make sense, but I also drew a diagram if helps to understand. Again, this was working before without me needing to touch any advanced stuff.