GL-AXT1800 - Can't repeat 5ghz DFS channels

I’m having a problem with repeating 5ghz DFS channels. I can successfully connect the AXT1800 to an outside 5ghz DFS network, but the AXT1800 will not broadcast its own 5ghz SSID. It will only broadcast the 2.4ghz SSID. When I change the outside network to a non-DFS channel, the AXT1800 will broadcast its own 5ghz SSID. So there appears to be a problem with AXT1800 broadcasting on DFS channels in repeater mode. The channel at-issue in this case is channel 60 @ 80mhz.

So, if you use repeater mode to connect to a 5ghz DFS channel, you are limited to the AXT1800’s 2.4ghz radio for its own network as the 5ghz radio will not broadcast an SSID.

I hope this is clear. Otherwise, great product, got ~800 Mbps through ethernet repeating a 5ghz DFS, ~130 Mbps on the AXT1800’s 2.4ghz radio repeating a 5ghz DFS network, and about ~350 Mbps with the AXT1800’s 5ghz repeating a non-DFS 5ghz outside network. Really great performance. Wireguard is also working really well!


When you connect to a DFS wifi network, you may need to wait for some time before the wifi is broadcasted. That is DFS mechanism.

Does it broadcast like after 1 minute or 10 minutes?

No, it could be 30 minutes and it still won’t broadcast. When connecting to the DFS outside network, it will take about a minute or two as it goes through the DFS scanning process. But even after it connects to the outside DFS channel, the local 5ghz SSID on the AXT1800 won’t ever broadcast.

Do you have any idea what DFS channel is your wifi on? We can do a test.

It can’t. As far as I know it will switch off ALL 5ghz frequencies and go into listen mode only. DFS is to prevent interference so if it broadcasts on 5ghz it will create its own interference and you won’t benefit from Dynamic Frequency Selection…

Is there any update on this? I am experiencing this too.
When connecting to a DFS network (Currently in a hotel that is using 132) the AXT1800 will connect to the network, but not broadcast its own 5Ghz network. I can only connect to it on 2.4Ghz. I have factory reset and the issue pursists.
I found this forum page after googling, but also found this too Unable to enable WDS repeater on DFS channels - #10 by mk24 - Network and Wireless Configuration - OpenWrt Forum
I really hope this gets looked into ASAP, as a frequent traveller, I specifically upgraded from the Slate for the DFS functionality.
Seeing errors in log:
daemon.err hostapd: nl80211: kernel reports: (extension) channel is disabled
Firmware: 4.0.2

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Reported this exact problem such a long time ago but nothing appears to have been done in an attempt to fix it:

Both of my AXT1800 units do not show their 2.4GHz and 5GHz SSIDs when repeating my home’s 5GHz network. My Beryl (MT1300) unit has been working fine on either band.

I am shocked that GLi hasn’t addressed this issue yet!

I have a weird situation.

I can repeat a DFS channel if it is from a portable hotspot or mobile phone no problem. I can use all channels beyond 48.

But if I try to repeat a LAND based Vermin Media ‘military issue’ Addonis router (superhub 3.0) neither one of my 2 beryl’s can connect above 48 even though they can see the SSID. Beryl’s are on 3.215.

They ARE capable of repeating DFS for absolute definite certain but why is it being so fussy?

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Can you upgrade one to 4.1 beta2 and try?