[GL-AXT1800] Connected device shown as offline since v4.4.5 me too

Not sure if it’s caused by the update but I think it is.

I have two routers both of the same version. It looks like from my local travel router to the server Wireguard VPN router for some reason I don’t get internet sometimes. However, if I use the wire guard application to connect to the same server I’m able to. Not sure what the issue is.

I keep multiple configurations of wire guard on my travel router, when I swap one to the other then it works so not sure what causes it to sleep or something.

For about a month I’ve been having pretty good service before this recent upgrade.

It’s also possible that I made one other change in my ISP modem which was I used to run Wireguard over a thousand open ports which I’ve now reduced to just one.

I almost never have this disconnect issue until this recent upgrade. I don’t think I can easily downgrade either since I’m not physically there by the server VPN router. I’m thinking if I downgrade the server I’ll lose the ability to connect to the server, since all the settings including good cloud will be reset, correct?

Thanks a lot

Are the profiles from the same wireguard server?
If you toggle off and on wireguard client on GL router, does it work?

Yes the settings are almost the same I think just the last number is different.

If I turn it on and off yes that works too.

Please export and upload the log. I prefer to check by remote session if possible.