GL-AXT1800 crash after jumping back from main Wifi and Guest Wifi

Getting a random crash where router completely crashes and eventually restarts itself when changing from main Wifi to Guest Wifi, seems to happen even if only 5Ghz is enabled

Please check my posts and logs here:

Starting a new thread as requested as it seems to be a new issue.

Thanks for all the help!

I just received a Flint GL-AX1800 updated to latest stable and setup similarly to the slate and I'm getting same crashes... Seems that all my apple devices crash the router (apart from macbooks). I have no clue what's going on, my ipad running latest iPad OS17 also crashes it, will try using beta 18 to see if it's any better. I've reset the Flint and still get these issues

I'm using the default charger of the flint btw

Tested using only 2.4Ghz and it doesn't seem to crash, so it seems to be a 5Ghz issue

Attaching full logs of the Flint
logread (1).tar (157.5 KB)

I am now testing with latest snapshot and got the same issues so I'm now testing with this firmware WLAN.HK. and it seems to be better, my ipad can't seem to connect if I only use 11ac/ax but it connects if I use 11a/n/ac/ax (at least it doesn't seem to crash so far)

I'm using channel 40, no auto.

I'm testing different settings to see If I can figure out if any specific setting is doing this, and I'll update here.

I can test any firmware if needed on the Slate AX.

Once again thanks!

Can you pls use the original power adapter? Not all power adapters can provide enough power for the router.

Also do not use any USB accessories on the router. You didn't mention this be worth to ask.


I get same issue on the Flint with original power adapter, I believe the hardware is the same? I will try to use original for the Slate too to see if it happens less. No usb is connected at the moment, just using ethernet wan but I did use the Slate with usb tethering for weeks and did not get this issue and same power adapter

I've been testing with different firmware but using a "vanilla" openwrt version and it seems that the latest firmware 2.5 takes much longer to "crash", it seems to be mitigated if I enable the WLAN Roaming options for:

  • WNM Sleep Mode
  • WNM Sleep Mode Fixes

I can't seem to enable these on gl inet firmwares, at least it's not in the same place in LuCI, I will test later to downgrade the slate from 2.6 firmware to 2.5 and see how that goes


Tested Slate AX with original power adapter, nothing on usb, just 1 ethernet in WAN port and 1 in lan1 port.

Flashed the latest stable and setup ONLY 5Ghz Wifi Main and guest, 2.4Ghz turned off to force it to use 5Ghz. Nothing else configured.
On an iphone or ipad, connect from main to guest back and forth until you can no longer connect (I mean connect to one and immediately connect to the other), at this point router will crash and reboot automatically. It will talke max 2minutes to crash, it's quite easy. Other people on this PR were able to crash it doing same here, although different router firmware but same issue.

Attaching latest log:
logread (2).tar (145 KB)

Most probably this is a ipq6018/ath11 firmware issue and I've tested all versions and all crash eventually.

Same can be done on the Flint and it will crash exactly the same. I'm using the Flint at the moment as my main router on 2.4Ghz with no issue, so it seems to only affect 5Ghz radio. Honestly at this point these routers are unusable for me on 5Ghz, which defeats their purpose.

Hope you can replicate and find a fix.



I've been using latest glinet stable version but I rollbacked the fw to, and I can't seem to crash the router. It's been running on 5Ghz & 2.4Ghz with no issues for some days now, for my use case this older firmware does not crash the router and works very well. Tested on both AX1800 and AXT1800.

I hope this might help in finding the cause of the issue on newer firmwares.



Seems this is wifi card related. I will check if we have a newer wifi firmware if you want to test.

Sure, can test if something is available!