Gl-axt1800 dns problems

Unboxed my GL-AXT1800 today, and set it up more or less as I had my GL-MT1300, and I ran into some odd issues.
Was FW 4.03 OOB, and after messing around for a while the thing just stopped resolving DNS. I had to do a complete revert on it, and went ahead to configure the few options again, and it began working again. Then, tried to enable OpenDNS or NextDNS, but after selecting “encrypted DNS” the pull-down menu below is now empty. No NextDNS or OpenDNS or any other choice any longer. I flashed it with Beta 4.10, and it’s behaving identical. Gotta be corrupted settings? What else? 4.03 was doing the same, so no idea. If I select an imaginary item from the blank pull-down menu - switching to another screen yields this message:

“x Unknown error occurred. Please check the network environment or reboot the device.”

It looks like the router’s DNS service has failed and is not returning data correctly.
Do you have anything DNS related in your configuration?

This message means that the Web is not getting the background data properly, and generally only occurs in two situations.

  1. your client and router have an unstable connection and you need to check your network.
  2. The router’s processes are faulty, usually a reboot of the router will fix this. If this is not fixed, you may need to check the configuration via SSH or LuCI.

Unstable? no. Reboots don’t fix, neither did a factory reset.

Think you have a flaw in the firmware…

See screen grab, dropdown is empty. Where did the options go?

Can you upgrade the firmware to 4.1 and try again?

You missed my original post content stating that I’ve already updated with 4.1 beta…

Definitely a bug - it requires a REFRESH on the page once I select “Encrypted DNS” to get the dropdown list to populate. Tried it on a hunch and it works.

Sorry, I didn’t make myself clear. beta is now available in the new 4.1 release3.

I have tested it but no errors appear.
Let me explain the logic here. When you go to the DNS page, the browser requests parameters from the router. The return value contains a list of encryption methods. So it does not appear when you select “Encrypted DNS”.

It looks more like there is a problem with the DNS process… If the problem still occurs. Please check the system logs for information about this. If you have added any DNS-related settings with SSH and LuCI, please check this as well.