GL-AXT1800 EAP / PEAP Wifi connection to corporate network


I am thinking about purchasing another GL-AXT1800. I wondered if anyone can connect to corporate WIFI using his user ID and password. Is there a package I need to install/configure? Any other project/hack to set up GL-AXT1800, so it will auto-connect to my work WIFI? I like using it as a desk-wired LAN with a link to Company WiFi which requires a user/password.


To correct, AXT1800 does support EAP out of the box.

So if you have username and password, you can use.
But if your EAP needs certificate, you need to go to Luci to set up.

Once you get it setup, it automatically connect to your wifi when available.

Damn, you are right. I was confused by the 1800 (Flint)

I appreciate your help.

I am running version v4.5.16

It got it to work, but it took a few tries. Initially, I was picking up the SSID from the scan list, and it connected me without user username or password, but I could not get out to the internet. Clicking on the connected SSID (gear), I did not see the option for user and password.
Next, I removed it and manually added it as you showed in a screenshot. It took several times. Waiting some time, removing and repeating this step.
I did keep getting the following

Connection failed, will retry later…

Could not find the network, please check the SSID and security type you entered.

While attempting to reconnect, your router will periodically scan for Wi-Fi networks, and your guest Wi-Fi network will be temporarily unavailable during this scan.

Below is information about the WiFI in the red rectangle I am trying to connect

Not sure if this is opposed to working this way, but the last I remember is that my computer browser asked me to a work credentials and it started working. I left it at work connected and will check next week if it does stay connected.

If this sounds like a bug of some kind or if I missed some steps, please let me know what information is needed.


For your image it displays the encryption as WPA2-PSK which is not EAP.

So there are multiple networks using the same SSID but not same encryption? It will surely make troubles.

Good catch. I will check this out next week when in the office.
So as you pointed out, if all are WPA2-PSK, then I was doing it wrong.
So I have additional questions. So in this scenario, If I leave AXT1800 connected to AP by selecting it from a scan list, Looks like the authentication must come from any machine using a web browser connected to LAN1 or 2 port on the first connection. I think this is how I got it to work. By default, if I leave AXT1800 connected for an extended time, how often will I have to authenticate? manually?
The reason for my question is that I might have some equipment connected to AXT1800 for an extended time which during tests needs uninterrupted internet access. I am discounting if IT needs to restart the AP. If I have to authenticate let’s say once a day, is there a way to automate this? maybe using curl or wget from any machines connected to the LAN1/2 port?

EAP (WPA2-Enterprise) authentication is all done at the network level.

If it’s WPA2-PSK with a login portal, that is not technically EAP. It’s… WPA2-PSK with a login portal (web) which means a completely different set of authenticating WiFi users so we cannot answer how often you have to reauthenticate, etc. because it will depend on the underlying system.

If you mean there is a captive portal, you will be able to authenticate in WiFi or lan after you set up repeater. Maybe you just get it to work accidentally.

The frequency to authenticate the captive portal depends on the network.

My experience is they most hotels will just let you use after you authenticate until you check out. But some hotels will ask you to authenticate once per day. Pls note 5-star and old hotels are troublesome. They want to charge your for WiFi use even. 3-star and new hotels are generally have less limitations of using their WiFi.

There is no way to automate now.