GL-AXT1800 is bandwith by client total since date available / installing Bandwidthd

Waitng for my GL-AXT1800 router to arrive. I have looked at the online manual and it does not seem to give data usage by connected client (I will be on metered connection and sharing the connection with others, so would like to know cumulative data up / down per client / mac address).
I have seen a package called Bandwidthd for openWRT / LuCI. Has anybody installed this on a GL-AXT1800, possibly with a USB Drive for the data?

@bring.fringe18 I would guess this is a topic for your experience.

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By default LuCI can give you per interface port up/down & there’s Realtime Graphs under Status → Traffic → $port . Neither historical, however. It won’t survive a reboot/power cycle.

bandwidthd looks interesting. I really like that it uses a SQLite for the db engine… analysis becomes near trivial if one should really need to ‘go deep’, I would think. It would make keeping backups (eg: every month) a non issue & something like DB Browser would have no troubles opening it.

That said you’ve encouraged me to look a touch wider, @pearlbali . I think I’m going to give Netlink Bandwidth Monitor (luci-app-nlbwmon) a punt. Screenshots seem to indicate per-client/LAN host bandwidth tracking & there’s LuCI integration. bandwidthd doesn’t seem to have that. Here’s the brief… very brief… HOW-TO… really it seems more of a synopsis… that I’ll be following:

I think it would be a fine addition to my Slate AX.

Thanks for the guidance. I did not find the link you provided, only the Wiki [OpenWrt Wiki] Bandwidthd I will wait for the arrival of my router - it should arrive in UK tomorrow, but I will have to wait until a friend brings it to me in their luggage. I am not in a location where there is Amazon!

The ‘synopis’ I mentioned: OpenWRT - Display bandwidth of individual devices (monitor)