GL-AXT1800 keeps crashing

Hi Support,

Couple of days ago my GL-AXT1800 started crashing. It happens quite often, 2-3 times in a hour.
I didn’t change the settings.
The router is in ethernet mode (using as WAN)
I’m using vpn, I’ve tried both wireguard and openvpn (the crashing continues)
I’m using version 4.1.0.

Attaching the logs of latest crash.
Hope for some help
logread (33.9 KB)

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Please refer to

Thanks for the reply. I’m using 80mhz (which is default for my router) so I don’t think it is the same issue.
The router used to work stable for the last months, the issue Im facing happened more or less a week ago.

There are wifi crash logs. If you do not use repeater (disable repeater, remove saved ssids), will it crash?

I’m using wifi, but not as a repeater (it’s disabled)

I connected GL-AXT1800 to another router through LAN, and using WIFI to connect my devices to GL-AXT1800.

Seeing that 4.1 firmware uses unstable ddwrt, maybe worth trying beta 4.2. My Slate plus web interface did not work properly on 4.1.

Downside of beta is that if you have to go back to a previous version, best not to try to save settings.

Using plugin hotel internet and ovpn client to home router. No issues on 4.2 beta.

Thats a huge change Gl-Inet products are know using DD-wrt instead of Openwrt. Wow wish somebody had mentioned that I have been trying to update packages for years.(satire)

bluey please stop confusing people!!! Not the first time you have made this error.

Sorry. My mistake. Openwrt it is.

The issue of contention remains that a “stable” version of gl-inet firmware contains a “snapshot” version of openwrt rather than a known stable version.

The result may be less stable firmware than implied by the “stable” label.

If I remember correctly the Processor has only been recently supported on the table of hardware in openwrt and driver support is not open source needs to come from the manufacturer. GL.iNet needed to create everything from scratch which is why their is no vanilla openwrt for it

If non-standard code is required, a stable solution might apply a patch to a stable code base.