GL-AXT1800 No Internet

I recently purchased this product and am trying to set it up locally on my LAN in preparation for use in a dorm where I only have an ethernet drop (no wifi)

I have attached the WAN port of the GL-AXT1800 to my ISP’s router (via an ethernet switch) with the included ethernet cable.

I was unable to connect to the router via the address from computers on my local LAN. They are connected wirelessly directly to the router (they are on subnet 192.168.0.XX) I did check on the Mobile App of the GL-AXT1800 on the Admin page under “LAN” and it does indicated as the IP address for the router. I tested with Chrome, Brave, and Edge. None worked.

I ended up using the mobile app “glinet” on my android phone, and was able to connect to the GL-AXT1800 and configure it. I was also able to access the internet via the cell phone while attached only to the WIFI of the GL-AXT1800. I was also able to connect to the router with my desktop and was able to browse the internet, so it seems to be working fine.

I just don’t know why the router says “No Internet” on the app.

How does the GL-AXT1800 detect the internet? Do I have to open a port on my ISP router to allow the GL-AXT1800 to access to somewhere special?

If so how do I deal with this when the router is being used in the dorm setting where I will not have access to the main router?

Attached is a screen shots of the app indicating “No Internet”

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Ian Perryman

If your Internet works fine you can omit this message. This Internet is detected using ping and it is slow sometimes.

If you connect to your main router, you are not able to access
You should connect your pc to AXT1800 directly in order to open its web panel.

Thanks for the info. Ping is blocked by the ISP router, so I guess it will always indicate “no internet” here. Not sure what it will be like at the dorm.

Are all the features for admin available through the mobile app? Or are there features that need to be accessed via the the admin portal via


Almost all of the available functions can be controlled through the APP, but the web Admin Panel has the most complete configurable features.

I have been experiencing similar issues and have not been able to connect with a competent or helpful member of staff at GL-.iNet.

Please put me in touch with a manager for customer service and tech support

You can just email support at