GL-AXT1800 OpenVPN speed

I am very happy to report that the speed of OpenVPN is more than decent - up to 140 Mbps.
The test was conducted using the following config:
a) I have 2 IP addresses on 1Gb fiber optic line, so 2 simultaneous speed tests ran from those IPs in ideal conditions report on 500-590 Mpbs DOWN / 200-290 Mpbs UP

b) GL-750S - up to 15-18 Mpbs DOWN / 13-17 Mpbs UP (runs OpenWrt 18.06)
c) MT1300 Beryl - up to 20-23 Mpbs DOWN / 19-21 Mpbs UP (runs ROOTer, a snapshot of OpenWrt 2 0);
d) AXT1800 - 120-140 Mbps DOWN / 110-125 Mbps UP (latest GL-iNet firmware 4.0.0) and this is very impressive;

GL-inet routers played the role of OpenVPN client and pfSense running on quite powerful hardware run OpenVPN server.

I manually configured OpenVPN on AXT1800 using SSH and luci, therefore GL-iNet GUI did not even report on the running OpenVPN tunnel.
It would be really great to see one day a stable release of OpenWrt running on AXT1800. GL-iNet team did a great job to build the custom build of the OpenWrt with its own GUI and GoodCloud service but I would rather use this hardware with the stock build of OpenWrt.


Thanks for sharing.

Maybe you can export standard ovpn files and configure using the UI.