Gl-AXT1800 (Slate) and Quectel EC25-E

Just bought the Quectel EC25-E to use as a modem with my GL-AXT1800. Plugged it in, booted up the router and that was it. Connected an working great.

I’d previously tried the Huawei E3372, which I could connect to as a tethered device, but it would not allow a proper connection, even though I tried changing the config of the router and trying out lots of things.

The difference between the two modems is night and day. The EC25-E from a software point of view feels like it’s build right into the router even though it’s connecting via USB, it’s integrated great.

Highly recommend getting the EC25-E to use with a travel router and not bothering with other units. It looks industrial, but it works great. Just hope that I have a signal when I go travelling.