GL-AXT1800 Slate config question

Have the GL-AXT1800. Just acquired a 500MB feed from Quantum Fiber. Naked, it screams. Am struggling a bit when applying VPN configs (SurfShark) and/or DNS configurations… am baking in Encrypted DNS among other tweaks.

I rotate around different VPN server locations, and tweak various DNS configs too numerous to mention in one post, but can. Am mainly asking if anyone can point to some setup configuration examples for the Slate? Would like to study more successful examples or tutorials first… tho can definitely post some of my configurations.


Would you please explain what you struggle with?

Get Surfshark connected first; worry about encrypting DNS after.

I don’t use any of the GL GUI ‘helper’ functions when it comes to VPN confs. They’re known to break when the VPN provider updates their API. I manually downloaded the WireGuard profiles from Surfshark.

Thank you for replying. You guys have been great at hanging in there… especially with newbs like me.

Anyway, I have been able to sort out most of the problems I was having. Combinations of loading up several devices, testing across different platforms, some configuration changes. So things started to look more appropriate.

Question tho… just started to install PIA (Private Internet Access) onto the GL-AXT1800 Slate. Everything I have read so far says it needs to be installed onto a blank, uninstalled, fresh router. Question is, how can one install PIA / Wireguard onto an already configured Slate 1800 router? Am looking to be able to switch across 3 or 4 VPN vendors. I have not found any menu selections in the Android version of your app that does this. Help?

Thank you again

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Ops… nevermind the last post. I went back to the Android device and apparently it needed time to ‘see’ the router on the address. I am now in. So, onward on this part of configuration…

I have Surfshark & Proton VPN configured on my Flint… but as stated, I download the confs fr the provider, then upload them to the $groupName I created in GL GUI → VPN → WireGuard Client → [ Add Configuration ].

This is all easier done than said. Just grab their configuration files (.conf).

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Brilliant… thank you for your reply. Yes, I have dnld’d some config files plus also used the Android Glinet app to apply some configs too. Am sorting out what functions well vs. what drags.

So here’s a question for ya… can you or anyone point to a tutorial, cheat sheet, primer… on configuring DNS? Am going through a myriad of configs and am getting a feel for what works and what drags. But this is where I am now. DNS tweaking.

I appreciate the time you took to reply. I have done most of what you responded with… yes.

I’m a huge proponent for using Encrypted DNS but I can tell you the stock GL options really aren’t great if you’re looking for top notch security abilities/cipher support.

If you’ve got your WG tunnels/confs up as expected I’d open a new thread titled ‘[Slate AX, Flint, Flint v2] Advanced Encrypted DNS Configuration Options/Discussion’… but before doing so, see the below HOW-TO; you’ll need some foundational skills fr it to do so: