GL-AXT1800 Slow WIFI 5Ghz

I have an AXT-1800 with the firmware v4.2.3
I use it as an access point. My computer is connected to the AXT1800 with a LAN cable and the AXT-1800 is connected to my main router by WIFI.
On my main router I have disabled WIFI 2.4Ghz, and the AXT-1800 is correctly connected to the main router with.
When I connect to the main router directly by WIFI (with a laptop), the speed is very good (1000 Mbps) but when I go throuh the AXT-1800, I only get 300Mbps
Please note that the AXT-1800 is 3 meters away from the main router.

How can I achieve better local wifi speed?

So when you use the AXT-1800 in access point mode you should expect it to be half of your WiFi speed.

You could try changing the WiFi Channel.
The power of the Main router could also be interfering with speed as well.

Is it a clean line of sight between the routers or are walls in the way?

  1. I use it on:
  • one side to connect by WIFI to the router
  • other side with a LAN cable to connect to a computer
  1. When I use a laptop to connect to the main router, I get 1Gbps by Wifi

  2. Yes there is a clean line of sight between the AXT1800 and the main router

Given all this data: In which case the Wifi speed is higher than 300MBps?

That’s my bad I miss understood.

So you have your main router setup broadcasting 5ghz( is it also broadcasting 2.4ghz) then have a wired connection running to the AXT1800 that is running as a access point only broadcasting 5ghz.

  • Router. Create your own private network. The router will act as NAT, firewall and DHCP server. This is the default mode.
  • Access Point. Connect to a wired network and broadcast a wireless network.
  • Extender. Extend the Wi-Fi coverage of an existing wireless network.
  • WDS. Similar to Extender, please choose WDS if your main router supports WDS mode.

Are you using it as a access point or as a extender?

Thanks for your response.

  1. The main router does NOT broadcast 2.4Ghz Wifi
  2. I use the AXT-1800 as an Extender, exactly as you draw on the left.
  3. BUT! The Network Mode is “Router”. Because I thought… Why not? Does having a different sub net affect the Wifi speed?

Between MainRouter and AXT-1800: WIFI 5Ghz
Between AXT-1800 and Computer: LAN Cable

I remind you that when I connect by WIFI to the main router with a modern laptop, I get very good speed (1000Mbps)

I learnt something today… I put the AXT-1800 in bridge mode (extender) and now I get better speed!
So, is the speed better because the router does not have to route?

When using as a wireless extender, what ever speed you are getting from the main router will be cut in half is a good rule. From there it depends on devices 1-20Mbps for IOT, 20-45mbps for HD streaming, gaming 45-75mbps.

You can try playing with the channels or bandwidth up to 80Mhz (If I remember correctly it can receive 160Mhz but can only transmit 80Mhz, its on the forum somewhere). You can try using DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) channels but that is region locked

Also the firmware being run can change stuff 3.x or 4.x

Top speeds also need WPA2-PSK/WPA3-SAE or better

TX power can also be lowered can help with WiFi self interference

Did you fix this im in the same boat seriously