GL-AXT1800 - Tailscale - Remote Subnet Routing Fails


  • Openwrt Version - OpenWrt 21.02-SNAPSHOT r16399+159-c67509efd7
  • Kernel Version - 4.4.60
  • Admin Panel - v4.2.1
  • Tailscale - 1.12.3-1

I’m on the LAN side of the GL-AXT1800 ( Tailscale is installed, running and correctly registered with my tailnet. I have a network subnet advertised from another node on the tailnet ( which I want to route to. This is something I can do with other tailscale clients. The traffic is being dropped. If I logon to Luci, I can see routes for tailscale0 device only covering the tailnet IP ranges ( for example), it does not include advertised routes on the tailnet.

How can I fix this? Or is this a bug waiting for a patch?

Can you share more details about the setup? Such as your firewall Settings and routing Settings

The unit is brand new; the only change I have made is changing the LAN range (the defaults conflict with a network I use), as well as adding the Tailscale support through the Glinet App Library. Everything else is as configured by the device, I’ve not added any static routes or custom firewall entries.

Should I add them?

it’s because there is no way to specify --accept-routes=true option in firmware.
I’ve given up on ts on my slateax.


tailscale causes the admin page of the router to become inaccessible after adding this option, which we are working on fixing

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@luochongjun - thank you.

(1) --accept-routes=true … is this a CLI call I need to make? If this is the short term fix, I can live with the GUI being unavailable, as long as the routes are up.

(2) I have bought this device specifically for tailscale support. I appreciate bugs take time to fix. But are you looking to release a beta/prod fix in the next weeks, months … or later this year? (I’m travelling a lot at the moment)

(3) Is there a way to subscribe to get software update notifications?


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@luochongjun sorry to push. But can you help with my questions above?

We’ll fix this as soon as possible.
For now, try adding the argument to line 73 of /usr/bin/gl_tailscale yourself, for example:

Man!! I went through this exact thing and each time had to de-brick my device. Thought I was doing something wrong.

@luochongjun will you post here when this is fixed or can we follow an issue tracker somewhere?



Just checking in @luochongjun … I saw the recent firmware update - but there is no Tailscale fix. Any updates on a timeline???

Hello there,
I was wondering if this rooting issue had been addressed for working “out of the box”.
I am running 4.5.0 on a brand new GL-A1300.
I can ping the subnet from the device itself, but not from the connected clients.