GL-AXT1800, TorGuard WireGuide, Apple Private relay

I just received the GL-AXT1800. It is set up as a wireless repeater. I am using TorGuard’s WireGuide VPN service. The GL.iNet portal shows the VPN service is running. And, I can connect the Mac, iPad, and iPhone to the repeater. The IPs are IPv6 when I use Torguard ‘What’s my IP’ app to check the IPs. Does this mean the Mac/iPad/iPhone internet are not running through the VPN? When I disable Apple Private Relay, the IPs are IPv4. It looks like the internet traffic is running through Torguard’s VPN. I never have to disable Apple Private Relay when the Mac/iPad/iPhone are connected to TorGuard directly. What’s happening? What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Test with the VPN off/on, Apple Relay off/on & combined accordingly by checking your results @ . It’ll show IPv4 & IPv6, DNS.

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It seems the Apple System is aware of VPN traffic and will route it through the Private Relay. I did a few simple tests and confirmed the VPN is working.

I am encountering another issue. It seems the Mac OS and iOS apps are not getting the available bandwidth. For example, the Amazon Video looks fine on the Mac OS Safari. But, the same video on the Amazon Video App looks grainy. This is the same for MacBook, iPad ,and iPhone. The other router clients are idle for both cases. The video always looks fine when I connect to the AP direct. How should I investigate this?

So there’s no point to running a VPN unless you fully disable Private Relay &/or IPv6 on the Apple device; you’re leaking traffic all over the place.

Try with/without a VPN Client session:

A. My VPN provider hasn’t got IPv6. I am running without the VPN majority majority of the time. I need to evaluate turning off Private Relay always.

B. The OS X and iOS apps bandwidth throttling is there with/without VPN.

  1. IPv6 is able to bypass NAT to establish a ‘point to point’ connection. It’s the primary reason it’s locked down & not used when security/privacy is paramount.
  2. What happens if you directly connect ISP Modem → Apple computer via Ethernet cable?

A. Would work well with these routers? They have IPv6 support. Also, what happens when the AP is IPv4 only?

B. Can’t detect throttling with/without VPN base on video quality.

I am short on networking technologies. Thanks for the help.

  • A. If supports WireGuard, yes. (they do!; see the docs.) WG will give you far better speed than the other standard VPN protocol OpenVPN (550 Mbps vs 120).
    • Then it’s IPv4 only, which is the only way I run my Flint & Slate AX (AXT1800). I’ve yet to encounter any reason to subject myself to the inherent insecurity of IPv6 but my use case is a focus on privacy, security. YMMV.
  • B. Try

The bandwidth from behind the GL router is almost backup to where it was originally (without the GL router) after,

A. Forcing all the clients to IPv4
B. Disabling Private Relay on the Apple devices.

No difference with the video image qualities between Safari and Amazon Prime video app can be detected visually.

I have access to IPv4 and IPv6 internet. I need to figure out whether there is any differences.

I wasn’t expecting so much work…….

Thanks for the assistance.