GL-AXT1800 VLAN Support

VLAN’s are limited to the fallback 0-15 VLAN ID’s due to unknown switch topology on the GL-AXT1800 Running firmware 4.0.0 Release 3.

Can you please fix the switch topology so we can use the maximum number of VLAN ID’s.

Issues seems similar to this one

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Yes please.
I second this.

I’m trying to make a guest VLAN using the AXT1800 as dumbAP, but the settings are not possible using the GUI.

Is there a solution anyway, using SSH?
I read some posts on owrt forum. Is it the sameissue?

Not a perfect solution, but in luci, you can go to Network/Interfaces/Devices and click on Add device configuration at the bottom of the page.

Then you select VLAN (802.1q) as the device type. You choose the physical port you want to use for your VLAN (ethx) and the VLAN ID.
Be care! If I remember right, on the AXT-1800, the port labeled LAN 1 is eth2 and the port LAN 2 is eth1…

Once it’s done, you can assign the VLAN to one of the existing bridge interfaces in Network/Interfaces or create a new interface and assign your VLAN to it. If you do the latter, don’t forget to assign the new interface an IP address, DHCP server and firewall zone.

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All clear!
Your memory is spot on!

Port 3 = LAN2 = eth1
Port 4 = LAN1 = eth2

But SSH access is still needed to change the “tagged” “untagged” condition of the ports, since the Switch section is complaining about the topology, am I right?
Is there a way in the owrt GUI to set this, or the only way is modifying the /etc/config/network file (with WinSCP, for example)?

Switch section in LuCI won’t reflect what I explained in my previous post, but it’s still functioning.

Traffic going through eth1 or eth2 will be considered as untagged, traffic going through eth.vlan_number will be tagged with vlan number.

Ok Pinus, thank you very much for your support!
The VLANs are activated. I can even see them in the Switch section, now.

But i have my main router with tagged LAN1 on all three VLANs I created, so I guess I have to set “tagged” on the corresponding LAN I’m using on the AXT1800 to connect to the main router.

Can you please help me modifying the etc/config/network file to connect the two routers with only one cable?
This is what I’m hoping to do, because I can only use one ethernet cable between the two and have the guest WLAN managed by the main router…

I hope I’m clear with my goal, and can provide you further insights if needed!

I do not totally understand what you mean by that :wink:
I guess on your other router, you have VLAN 1 untagged and some other subnets with tagged VLANs, and all these subnets are on one physical port? And you want to assign the different VLANs to Wi-Fi SSIDs?

Maybe you can draw a schematic?

I would try the following:

  1. In Network/Interfaces/Devices, create a new VLAN device with a VLAN ID matching your other router.
  2. In Network/Interfaces/Interfaces, add a new interface, set it to DHCP (I guess your other router is providing DHCP?) and assign the previously created VLAN to it.
  3. In Network/Wireless, create a new wireless and attach the interface created in step 2.

Not sure that’s the most efficient way to do what you want to achieve, but that’s worth a try.