GL axt1800 VPN client speed using GL axt1800 as server

Hello everyone,

I have a GL axt1800 at my office as a vpn server and the speed at office is 1000 MB and I also have a GL axt1800 as a vpn client at home and the speed at home is 100 MB but when I do a speed test at home with the VPN turned on, The speed I received is between 12 MB and 22 MB. Do you have any idea how I can fix it?

Thank you so much.

Is your office speed 1000MB up and down? You office up link speed will be your home down link speed.

Are you using Wireguard or OpenVPN? Wireguard is normally much faster.

Hi Eric,

My office speed is1000mb down and 550 up, i know the speed not going to be the same because my home speed is 100mb down and 20mb up but i thought will be similar to my home speed.

I will try Wireguard and let you know.

Thanks so much Eric

I tried Wireguard and got the same speed.

Any other idea?

I am getting better performance using Wireguard on an older GL-iNet AR300M as my VPN server at a family members house, and an AR750S-EXT as my travel router. When the place I’m staying at has fast service, I often have seen up to 40Mbit/sec, which is close to the uplink speed of my family’s internet service.

At your work and at home how are you connecting to the router? At my family’s place I use a short Ethernet cable between my AR300M and their router, and when the place I’m staying at allows me access to the router, I use Ethernet to my AR750S. Sometimes, WIFI is just slow.

thanks for the advice.

I’ll try and let you know.