GL-AXT1800 VPN Policy Base on the Target Domain or IP not working

I have a GL-AXT1800, configured:
Block Non-VPN Traffic switched on
Accessing Following Domain/IP: Not use VPN listed

But I cannot access with this configuration. In my previous Brume, I could use the kill switch and set as an exception no problem.

Block Non-VPN Traffic / Kill Switch changed in Firmware 4 that takes precedence over VPN policy:

I do not work for and I am not directly associated with GL.iNet

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Thank you - so I’m not going mad. Do you have any advice please, on how I can use the kill switch while also being able to map a drive to a server on the WAN?

First, you do not need to use Killswitch (block non-vpn traffic). If you enable vpn it has killswitch already.
The “block non-vpn traffic” does exactly it shows, you have to use vpn.

Second, to access the WAN, do not need to use vpn policy. Go to Global options and enable “allow access wan”.

If I interrupt the VPN (incorrect password, or switch VPN connectors), traffic goes out directly resulting in leaking. Therefore there is no automatic kill switch?

This should not be the case. In case of vpn enabled but failed, you should not have data leak.

Can you check and give the steps?

If I switch from one VPN to another, while pinging, the router continues to allow the ping out while the VPN is down.

What is your firmware version?

This should not be the case.

This is what happening in my firmware when I change wireguard profile.

Was there any resolution to this?

Can you describe your issue? This thread contains multiple issues, which should already work normally in lastest firmwware.

I have the same issue, I choose the option VPN Policy Base on the Target Domain or IP
and enter some websites not to use the VPN, and this configuration is not working…

Any options here?

Pls don’t just say “same issue”.

This thread is quite old and vpn policy should just work well now.

Open your own thread, give details, e.g firmware version, post screenshots etc.

Hi - I returned the unit as it was not fit for my purposes. I have an older GL unit which still does the trick. I just hope the firmware doesn’t upgrade and render it useless for me too.

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Well, ok, I just followed the community guide that says to use the search area,
I created a thread but at the moment no answers. I am a new user, so I am trying to read everything regards the router, OpenWRT, etc…

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should a VPN Policy Based on the Target Domain Or IP work if I enable adguard but without AdGuard Home Handles Client Requests?

Yes, It should work.

I can’t get YouTube channel avatars. I tried without adguard. I registered, in the list of domains. I included redirection of the domain to in adguard