GL-AXT1800 w/IP Royal residential proxy

Hi, I'm new to networking in general but I looking to buy a gl router. I am a digital nomad and I am looking for the best way to emulate my location. I'm currently using a data center VPS and it has worked fairly well, but I want to upgrade to a residential IP. I found some websites like ipRoyal that offer residential proxies, and look promising. Would a GL-AXT1800 even be necessary? Not being marked as a data center would be really helpful.

You mean hide your actual IP and make it shows another external IP address.
Something feature like VPN?

Hmmm... yeah. I guess my question is if I should stick to my VPS or would a residential VPN be better to emulate my location? Like from My VPS has been working but I'm wondering if the residential VPN would be better

Your best bet is to put a small router as a VPN server at a friend or family members house, so you have a REAL home IP address, and use a travel router to connect to this VPN server.

I travel full-time, and I have a VPN server setup at a family members house, on a GL iNet AR300M, as their internet connection only gets around 30Mb/sec upload speeds, which is my download speed, so no reason for putting in anything faster. This VPN server has saved me multiple times when my cloud based VPN servers located in data centers have been blocked, for important things, like filing taxes.

As most of the places I stay outside the US don't have that great of WIFI, I still use an old, very stable AR750s as my travel router. If I was going to replace it with a new GL iNet router, I would look at the GL-A1300, as it is smaller, lighter, and cheaper then the AXT1800.

Thank you for your help. Yeah, I'd have to wait till I get back in town so I can setup a router, might give Starvpn a go and do some testing before switching, make sure it passes IP tests and such.

I looked into the router you recommended; but I would prefer to have the higher speeds the ax1800 offers, I tend to be a power user. What was strange to me is that upon further research I discovered the beryl ax. That one seems to perform exceptionally well, is newer and cheaper than the axt1800 (wtf?)