GL-B1300 - Access Point Mode with Mesh enabled


I own an ISP in Australia and have been looking for Mesh Access Point systems to offer my customers and the GL.Net stuff has caught my attention. I needed a Mesh Access Point system that allowed me to pre-configure the system without having to register a cloud account (looking at you TP-Link, Google, Amazon, and more). Some of my customers aren’t the most technical so I like being able to pre-configure everything so it is plug and play for them.

My requirements are:

  • No cloud registration
  • Access Point Mode
  • Mesh (Wifi & Ethernet backhaul support)
  • 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Power cable (Not PoE)

I intend on using a Mikrotik Router as the Router and having the GL-B1300’s in Access Point Mode with Mesh enabled. I want to confirm this is possible without having to do NAT or anything like that before I purchase some to test with. I want to confirm the GL-B1300’s support Mesh Wifi and Ethernet backhaul. The reason I want to continue to use the Mikrotik Router is due to HTB QoS being a Router requirement, which I don’t think the GL.Net stuff can do yet.

Apart from the GL-B1300/GL-S1300/GL-B2200 devices are there any others I should be looking at that support Mesh and my requirements?

I look forward to any advice, thanks.

I just found the “Access Point” mode option in the documentation so I think I should be good :slight_smile: More Settings - GL.iNet Docs


The master node has to be in router mode to create the mesh, it will not run in access point mode. This may be an issue as you will have double NAT. Same for all Gl.Inet mesh systems.

No internet/cloud registration is required to get the mesh up and running.

That is disappointing to hear, but thank you for the info. I’ll have to look into if double NAT is acceptable or not if I did decide to use a GLiNet mesh system.