GL-B1300 behind router: same IP-subnet?

I got 2 GL-B1300 to replace some Tenda-Mesh-Hardware. I need a meshed WLAN inside the IP-Range of the main router (an IPFire on 192.168.2.x) and not the own default IP-subnet 192.168.8.x. This is useless in my scenario. The GL-B1300 has a mode as Access-Point, but without mesh-functionality. I bridged eth0 to WAN and set the GL-B1300-IP static to 192.168.2.xx. (inside the extended openwrt menu). But I’m not sure, if this works correct.

I’m disappointed with the fact that the interface offers no (easy?) Possibility to use the subnetwork of the upstream router. This limitation is not noted in the description of the article. Is there a solution?

I guess B1300 mesh subnode will be fulfill your requirement, here a step:

  1. change B1300 2.4G ssid to a prefered one which will be mesh network’s name.

  2. Do NOT connect a cable in B1300’s wan port, and push mesh button for about 5 seconds until middle led flashing gets faster then release button.

  3. After 1min, power off B1300, plug in a cable at B1300’s LAN/WAN port, that connects to your main router, then power on B1300.

  4. Add another node by the same step, keep ssid be the same with the first one.

Thank you, but I can not see any meaning in this answer. Maybe my request was not understandable.
What it should be:

  1. Main-Router:, dhcp-server on it
  2. additional mesh-router(s) with IP (for example): 192.168.2.xx (got from main router),
  3. SSID “BlablaWLAN”
  4. now: some GL-inet B1300 replaces exiating mesh-routers, that means: they are working NOT with, but get an IP 192.168.2.xx, creating the “BlablaWLAN”. All clients (wired or wireless) gets IPs 192.168.2.xx via dhcp from main router.

How to get this with B1300? Seems not to reach with explanation above … (?)

Sorry I misunderstood your request, I thought you use all mesh node via ethernet backhaul.

Mesh main router in brigde mode can be set up manully after seting up a B1300 mesh network. By issue command on B1300 mesh main router:

uci delete network.wan
uci delete network.wan6
uci set network.lan.ifname="eth1 eth0"
uci set network.lan.proto="dhcp"
uci commit network

uci set dhcp.lan.ignore=1
uci commit dhcp

also reboot all subnode.

There’s limitation in this use case. It will not able to add another unpaired B1300 to join mesh, and subnode ssid sync with mainnode also won’t work.


There’s limitation in this use case. It will not able to add another unpaired B1300 to join mesh, and subnode ssid sync with mainnode also won’t work.

If I understand correctly: Thus, the mesh network can not be extended and changes are no longer possible after the initial setup, without starting from scratch.

If so, then the presentation of the product is not appropriate. It simply can not be used to create mesh Wi-Fi in an existing home network without the GL-B1300 being the main router, e.g. without (easily configurable) QoS, problems will arise with VoiP and other time-critical components. Unfortunately, I got a completely wrong impression of the product and it should be a bad buy for my context.