GL-B1300 Configure Guest WiFi ONLY via OpenVPN?

Just picked up one of these routers.

I have the OpenVPN client working fine with TorGuard - both private and guest WiFi clients and anything attached to the LAN ports is being directed over the VPN. Great.

Is it possible to configure the router in a way such that:

  1. Private WiFi clients + anything physically connected to either of the two LAN ports → direct to WAN.
  2. Guest WiFi clients → over VPN


works the other way around fine. vpn on lan and local internet access on guest.

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You can try the following commands if you use cable connect to inetrnet, or if you use a different Internet connection, you can make some changes

ip rule add iif br-lan lookup 1 pref 999
iptables -I FORWARD -i br-lan -j ACCEPT

Thanks rp201rp,

I saw the option for VPN policies appear (for me) after the latest firmware update and the slider that enables/disables the VPN for the guest WiFi does as it says on the tin.

If I start to dig a hole I feel I’m in danger of being unable to escape from I might settle for this option.


Likewise, thanks luochongjun - I am going to have a tinker with it tomorrow so I’ll see how I get on! It’s not “in production” :rofl: yet, so what my daughter doesn’t have she won’t miss and I can destroy it time and time again until I get it right.


bikefright, do you know what extroot is? might make for easier backups and restores… also makes nice for extra plugins/opkg space :wink: