Vpn guest only and guest network prioritization


  1. under a default installation on v3.x firmware, is there lower bandwidth or prioritization between lan and guest networks.

  2. under vpn policy, the only way I have found to assign a constant vpn and local internet access is to deny vpn to guest network and deny vpn to all processes and use the lan network for vpn traffic and the guest network for local traffic. My concerns are if default route settings between lan network and guest network allow traffic from lan network to guest network. I assume traffic from guest network to lan is denied.

an easier feature enhancment would be a choice to assign vpn to guest network only along with deny vpn to guest network.

thanks in advance

  1. You can go to luci and find network->qos and have a try. Not sure if it works without problems.

You need to install luci-app-qos first.

  1. LAN and guest are separated. VPN policies is difficult to implement on guest networks only and I cannot remember the reason. Anyway, VPN policy, Guest Network, Captive Portal is not easy to be combined.

asking because i noticed glqos in startup thanks