GL-B1300: dig package missing

in the process to implement this script to switch DNS when my Pi-Hole is down, I have noticed the dig package is missing and not available to be installed via opkg.
In fact, even on the official open-wrt packages repo of CC the ipq branch is not available anymore.
I have then tried an equivalent command using nslookup, but the built-in version of busybox is not so updated and nslookup doesn’t support params for DNS record type (TXT) and class (CH/CHAOS).

My firmware is the last stable one: GL-B1300 3.211

Do you know if there is a way to get dig or a more recent version of nslookup? Or maybe some equivalent command to check if the Pi-Hole dns is up and running?

shouldn’t just put primary and secondly dns and it wil does failover?

B1300 is using old version of openwrt. Maybe just wait after we upgrade the firmware to newer version of openwrt. Working in progress.

I thought the primary and secondary DNS are both proposed to the clients and it’s up to them to decide the strategy to use.
I have found this thread on OpenWrt forum about it.
Is the secondary DNS in OpenWrt CC working as a failover of the first?

The dns settings on the router is not advisedto the client. The router manage it.

Maybe you can just try.