GL-B1300 Firmware, Leds stopped working


I recently updated my router (B1300) firmware from 3.1XX to 3.215. It appears the LEDs are no longer responding on my main router node. No light indicating power and wifi light doesn’t blink for setting up mesh.

Additionally, my other node is no longer running in mesh with my main node. The main node is still functioning well for internet. I have powered it down manually and rebooted it through the software without change.

How should I proceed?


I swapped my main node with my old sub-node. Firmware was still old on my sub-node. Upgraded sub-node firmware from 3.027 → 3.212, avoiding v3.215 in case that caused issues. Things seem to be working correctly on the node on v3.212.

I tried swapping back to my main node, it now seems it will not boot after being powered off. Anything I can do to bringing it back?

Can you install firmware for your B1300 via Uboot?