GL-B1300 Firmware Questions

I have some questions regarding the firmware of the GL-B1300 (Convexa B) which confuse me a little - and I hope you can help me out.

The latest official stable firmware is 3.212 which is based on OpenWRT 19.07.8.
The latest beta / snapshot firmware is 3.215 which is based on which OpenWRT version? Is there already some kind of changelog for 3.215?

Of course the firmware is highly dependent on the chipset drivers (Qualcomm). In another thread I read that this is the main issue why more recent versions of OpenWRT cannot be used as basis for the firmware of the B1300. However, when I go to the website of OpenWRT, I even can download the latest RC (22.03-rc4) specifically for the B1300. Does that mean that the required chipset drivers for the WiFi are included and working there? What would be the issue for using this OpenWRT version for the official firmware of the B1300 then?

And what would be the main differences between installing the official firmware and installing OpenWRT on the B1300? Of course there wouldn’t be the GL-INET webinterface, but what else (i.e. mesh functionality) would not be there?

Thanks for your help.

3.x firmware of B1300 is still based on QSDK, not OpenWrt 19.07

Lastest OpenWrt firmware for B1300 is OK to use. You just loose the original UI and original mesh function. Pls note OpenWrt has its own mesh function just need some skills to configure.

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