GL-B1300 keep resetting every ~12h

  • mesh network with another B1300

  • separate 2G AP on a cable

  • everything works fine

  • but resets every 12h or so

  • last entries from rsyslog below

    2021-10-18T09:40:10+02:00 om dropbear[8847]: Child connection from
    2021-10-18T09:40:12+02:00 om dropbear[8847]: Pubkey auth succeeded for ‘root’ with key md5 XXXXXXXX from
    2021-10-18T09:40:12+02:00 om dropbear[8847]: Exit (root): Exited normally
    2021-10-18T09:40:23+02:00 om procd: - shutdown -
    2021-10-18T09:40:24+02:00 om ddns-scripts[3951]: glddns: PID ‘3951’ terminated by ‘SIGTERM’ at 2021-10-18 09:40
    2021-10-18T09:40:24+02:00 om dropbear[9106]: Early exit: Terminated by signal
    2021-10-18T09:40:24+02:00 om procd: Command failed: Not found

Can I log something else to get more detailed info about which process is at fault? Those dropbear[8847]: Pubkey auth succeeded come from the other mesh node and keep happening all the time (which is OK?).


What do you mean “resets every 12h”?

You mean it reboot or something?

Yes, I meant reboots, uptime changes to 0.

Ive been using this unit in the repeater mode for about a year, so its not faulty. Both nodes have been updated, fresh settings and then formed the mesh.

Because it rebooted, all the log are gone as well. So the log does not show anything.

Its from rsyslog running on another machine (remote logging). As you can see in the middle it says om procd: - shutdown -. Id like to get a more detailed log from procd, to find out what causes the shutdown.

I hope you got it by now :slight_smile:

Hi dahuiufadhdas:

Are you using firmware version 3.203?

  • Sorry if you are using firmware 3.203,please go back to 3.105 first.

Thanks, this solved it. I can also see that 3.203 doesnt show up in autoupdate, I guess you completely reverted it.

I was also able to confirm that the 2nd mesh node caused those reboots. Simply by not being in its range for 2d12h, as its in the office. After about 4h of usage on monday the main node rebooted again.

I just got 7d uptime on 3.105.