Gl_b1300 OpenVPN only on Guest Wifi possible?

I got a NordVPN subscribtion and my plan is to use it only on the Guest Wifi so my Guest Wifi is VPN protected and the rest of the networkconnections are not.
Is this possible and how ? I tried some settings but it wasn’t working as aspected.
Maybe you guys can help me.


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Hi Lennard.

I’m interested in this topic, so I hope anybody could help us. I’d like to use the VPN just for wired connections or, at least, for one Ethernet connection.


Hi again, Lennard.

Finally I’ve done it. From firmware version 3.022 is available a menu option called “VPN Policies” under VPN menu. There you can enable that traffic to an IP, IP range, MAC address or domain (you can also combine more than one using ‘|’ separator) use the VPN connection. Also you can do it inverse: you can enable that traffic to internet uses the VPN except to an IP, IP range, MAC or domain.

As you said, you wanted to use VPN for your guest wifi. Since default guest wifi network in Gl-B1300 uses, you can set that just the range uses VPN.

Please take into account that this option is only available since 3.022 version so you will need to upgrade the Gl-B1300 firmware before next steps.

Here you can find more information

Let me know if you have any problem or doubt.



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