GL-B1300 range POE and speed on 5G

What speed results are people getting off these?
Can it use POE?
Is the range similar to the 750 by example?

It doesn’t support PoE.

Range is much better than AR750.

On the homepage it says that it supports PoE

Sorry for this. Correct asap.

A year later the page GL-B1300 / Convexa-B - GL.iNet still says:

PoE Support Optional (works with 48V PoE injector only)

Has the support been since added or the page is still wrong?

Yes. There is PoE version of B1300 and the info is correct.

In that case, can you please suggest an example of a compatible injector or PoE switch? I have HPE 1420 5G PoE+ which will not work, right?

It would be nice to update the product page as to what exact version of PoE is supported and how to order with PoE support. I am looking at Power over Ethernet - Wikipedia and my switch implements 802.3at Type 2 “PoE+”. Is that the correct standard for GL-B1300?

This is standard PoE and it should work. But you need the PoE version of B1300 which is only sold to businesses.

That’s fine with me. Who should I contact?
Or you can pm me with your email.

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