GL-B1300 - Reboot Issue

Hi Forum,

I have just purchased a GL-B1300 router. However I’m having problems with rebooting. Instead of rebooting the device just powers down and shuts off and does not restart until you pull and plug back in the power cable.

It does this on firmware upgrades, reboots from the CLI and on a flashed latest version of Openwrt without the GL.inet interface.

Is this expected behaviour for this device?


Do you have a package called luci-app-advanced-reboot installed? You will have more options to control the behavior.

Other devices don’t reboot like this unless you specify them to.

This should not be the case. Do you have a uart adapter? if yes you can open the case, connect the uart and check what is the output on the serial?

Thanks. I do not have a UART adapter but as only bought yesterday from Amazon I dont want to open it up in-case it voids the warranty. Not having much luck, had GL.inet products for years (the mini small routers and great little devices) but bought a MT1300 the other day but didnt realise it was media tek closed source wifi driver. Then returned that for this B1300 but has an issue with reboot.

I’ve just arranged another return for this B1300 and ordered another one from Amazon. Hoping that the replacement does not have the reboot issue as its a show stopper for things like power cuts etc and not coming back online.

Especially as i’m using this device purely as a wireless extender to bridge LAN on 5ghz to provide LAN access to multiple ethernet devices in a room I cannot CAT cable to from my core switch.


Update 07/03/21:

Received the second unit that I bought from Amazon this morning. This unit works perfectly and does not suffer or have the issue of powering completely off when its gracefully rebooting via firmware update or by manual/automatic restart from within the UI / CLI.

The unit I initially received must have had a hardware fault… so this is something to watch out for, for anyone else purchasing a G-B1300 in the future.

Boxing up the faulty unit and sending it back to Amazon for a refund.

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Have you returned? Can you return to me directly for investigation?