GL-B1300 - Recommend or no?

Hey guys,

General Setup
I run my own servers and I would classify myself as a power user. I need to open ports, split my connections between VPN and non-VPN setups. Setup a kill switch on VPN connection should VPN fail. Everything but mobile phones in my house are hardwired.

The Ask
Is the router reliable and capable of performing all the functions listed above? Any issues with the mesh WiFi regarding reliability and speed? Based on general responses here I m going to buy this router over the next day or two.


For you general setup as you are a power user I think it has no problem. As B1300 is openwrt based so you can split route easily if you know how to do that.

Mesh is working good as well.

You can also try vinila openwrt firmware and the performance is good. But you will loose mesh. However if you know Batman-adv then you will have the mesh again.

Thanks for the info alzhao. I put my order in for a B1300. Looking forward to it.

Mesh is not working beyond two routers for many people and there is zero support.