Gl-B1300 wifi print server?

I installed p910nd and can print from the ethernet to a usb printer. How do I print from wifi? Any guides for this?

I want to make the GL-b1300 a wifi extender and print to the USB.

You you can print when you connect to the LAN port of B1300, right? There must be IP address and port for the printer.

If you use B1300 as WISP repeater and connect to your main wifi, you can find the B1300’s IP from B1300’s admin panel.

Then you may need to open the printer’s port on your B1300. You should be able to print using the IP and port.

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Ok, I don’t see that option. I have it as Extender right now.

According to 3.x docs it acts as WISP by default. I turned off extender and am connected as repeater to my main router.

So far I can’t print I have the port 9100 open. Do I need to forward my external ip to the internal ip?

As you use USB printer, and the printer is actually on the router. So you only need to open port, not doing port forward.

Can you give more details about the printer address when you connect to the B1300 directly?

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My b1300 WAN address from main router is the b1300 is with printer port at 9100.

I don’t know if it matters but my computer is wired to the main router. Is there a way to access the admin panel wirelessly? So far I have to keep plugging it into my computer to change settings.

Should I print (from my computer) To Or to

Hallelujah, it worked!

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