gl-b1300 wlan to fritzbox

Hello! I am new here and because I would like to move soon I would like to know whether I can only connect my gl-b1300 in my new apartment with wifi with the existing Fritzbox. I have set up the gl-b1300 as a vpn router for the whole family and would like to place it away from the Fritzbox.

Do you mean connecting B1300 to your current wifi network as repeater?

If yes then it should be simple.

No! I want to set up my GL-B1300 in my new apartment about 5m away from the Fritzbox, but I can’t lay a cable. Unfortunately, the story with the power line doesn’t work either. So can I access the Fritzbox via wifi with my GL-B1300 so that I can use the Internet?

This is what alzhao suggested. You activate the repeater functionality so that the B1300 connects to the Fritz!Box via WLAN and clones all settings. But to be honest: The idea is not so great, as 5m will cause a lot of frequency interference.

What is your goal and why?

Das ist, was alzhao vorgeschlagen hat. Du aktivierst die Repeater-Funktionalität, sodass der B1300 sich per WLAN mit der Fritz!Box verbindet und alle Einstellungen klont. Aber wenn ich ehrlich bin: Die Idee ist nicht so pralle, da 5m für eine Menge Frequenzstörungen sorgen werden.

Was ist denn überhaupt dein Ziel und warum?

Ich will den Gl-B1300 in meiner neuen Wohnung so positionieren, das alle Geräte die ich durch VPN mit ihm verbinden will gut erreichbar sind. Ich habe dazu auch eine Anleitung gefunden, die vielleicht passen könnte. Kannst Du dir dass bitte mal ansehen? Gl.iNet GL-B1300: Endlich! VPN-Router mit MESH Funktion - Testbericht 2021

I want to position the Gl-B1300 in my new apartment so that all devices that I want to connect to it via VPN are easily accessible. I also found instructions that might fit. Can you please take a look at this?

The mesh functionality works only with other B1300 devices - it’s incompatible with the Fritz!Box Mesh.
So your first decision must be if you want to use the B1300 as a Wi-Fi access point or as your VPN gateway.

To be able to give you a recommendation here, you need additional information.

What internet access do you have? How is it currently connected? PPPoE (DSL) or cable?

However, my basic recommendation would be that you definitely buy a Fritz! repeater - because the B1300 will not provide the desired performance.

ok. Thanks! This will probably be the easiest solution after all.

You can still use the B1300 as a VPN gateway then.