GL-B2200 crashes app during set up

Hi I’m in the process of trying to set up 3 new GL-B2200 for a mesh. But I can’t initialise the first one.

In the glinet app I go to add a new device, the app crashes on the screen where it’s searching for routers on the local network. It happens very quickly.

I also can’t add the router using the QR code, it tells me it might not a WiFi enabled device and to try and add manually.

The default GL-B2200 IP doesn’t conflict with my home router and I’ve rebooted my phone, cleared the glinet app cache and even left the beta and reinstalled but still can’t get past the initial stages.

Can anyone make any suggestions, maybe trying another one of the routers for first set up?

Edit I tried one of the other units and it was the same problem

I enabled the logs and checked what I can see, in the crash log it tells me:

Execption: Another scan is already in process

Seems this is a bug in the current glinet android app. I downloaded an older version and was able to set up using that. Support have been notified.

I can confirm the crash on android too

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