GL-B2200 Mesh No 2.4Ghz on Secondary Node

I have two B2200’s setup as a Mesh with ethernet backhaul (direct connection). On the secondary node, there is no 2.4Ghz broadcasting so far as I can tell. I see that it has a number of 5G clients, but no 2.4G and there are devices in the portion of the house it covers that only speak 2.4 and are having problems. What can I do to turn that on/prove that?

On a side note, I don’t see a way to upgrade the secondary node, can I get that to upgrade? The main node is up to date, but the secondary is listed as being on an older firmware.


  • What version is the main route and what version is the sub-route?

Maybe need to restore the sub-route to factory and upgrade.

Generally speaking, as long as the main route is upgraded, usually the child route will follow the upgrade.

Can you now confirm that the mesh state of the main and child routes is normal?

Download a utility for your phone like wifiman (android) which shows what ssids are being advertised and see if there’s 2 being advertised for your mesh on 2.4Ghz

Main node is on 3.215, whereas the subnode is on 3.107.

As for both nodes being in a “normal” state, the Mesh page shows green on both nodes, but I don’t see anything more descriptive than that.

1,If you want to upgrade the firmware, you can download the firmware to the local, and then upgrade the firmware again in main route.

2,You can turn off and on 2.4G in the APP to enable 2.4G of sub-routes.

Disabling and reenabling the 2.4GHz option in the app did not seem to turn on 2.4GHz on the secondary node. I managed to get the nodes to upgrade, though that was a difficult process, but that didn’t seem to help either. What else should I try?

I’ve got the same problem, no 2.4GHz on child nodes and a node that will not upgrade.

I also have the same issue. Main node is the only node servicing 2.4G clients. I have 2 x Sub Nodes with only 5G clients. Both of these nodes are running ethernet backhaul and all on same firmware level 3.215

I have a few devices back of property struggling to get W-Fi on the 2.4G range.

I did not succeed with the instructions provided above. I just noticed the 3.216 firmware yesterday, updated to that and saw no improvement. Wifi in general has been terrible since upgrading to 3.215, so I plan on disabling mesh/backhaul entirely, moving to just using the OpenWRT interface and running the second node as a separate instance with no DHCP, since clearly I need it to not be managed by the GL.iNet App.

I returned mine. Pieces of junk. Pity, I had high hopes for these.

I also have this problem.
Velica sub node only shows 5Ghz, no 2.4Ghz after a while.
Velica main node keep broadcasting on 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz.
Resetting,firmware updating,changing place is nothing improve.