GL-B2200 MESH setup without glinet app

Hi there,

I’ve just bought two of the mentioned devices.

I do not want to configure them using the glinet net app.

So the configuration of device #1 was easy (is connected to a separate openwrt router with LAN cable, using WAN port, WAN port ist bridged to LAN port and LAN (including wifi) is configured as DHCP client getting the information from the openwrt router).

Now I want to configure the device #2 as a MESH client for my Wifi. What do I have to do using LUCI for this? There is no LAN cable connection to device #2 (not at WAN port and not at LAN port) in future (when the config is done) so the connection between device #1 and device #2 has to be Wifi based.

Which steps do I have to execute for getting this running?

Thanks for your help!

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Currently you have to use the app to configure.

The mesh config via the app is all local so there is nothing to worry.

I did now use the glinet app to configure the main (= connected with LAN cable to the openwrt router) GL-B2200 device #1. Then I’ve added device #2 as node using also glinet app.

In the next step I’ve set the MAC of device #1’s WAN port to DHCP address (i’m using subnet Then I logged in to the LUCI GUI of device #1 (using set the LAN interface to DHCP and bridged it to the WAN port. So that that the device #1 is now just an Access Point of the mentioned subnet.

Everything seems to work now.

But what I am wondering: I’ve set the MAC of device #2 WIFI interface to (using DHCP of my openwrt router) which works.

But when I am try to open in the browser it does a redirect to and shows a 404 page.

Is this normal behavior?

It also seems to me that the glinet app is only able to login to WIFI networks with a subnet in which the GL-B2220 main node has to have the

Is this correct?

This is not correct. The app will just try to detect the IP of the phone and try to find the gateway IP.

You should not set the main node in bridge mode (did I understand wrongly). In the mesh network, the main node has to work in Router mode.

But I want to use the WIFI mesh within the existing subnet. How can I achieve this with the router mode (there is already an existing router in the mentioned subnet)…?

Unfortunately you have to use double NAT