Gl-b2200 mesh setup

I have set up 4 gl-2200 velica routers as Wi-Fi mesh using Ethernet cables as a wired back haul. I have connected my Internet to the wan port of the main mesh node and used the lab port to connect to another of the mesh routers. From the lan port on the main mesh node, I have connected an Ethernet cable to the wan port of the next mesh sub node creating a chain that links all four of my GL-B2200’s.
This seems to work properly even though some blog entries have suggested that only the lan port on the sub nodes should be used. As a test, I connected laptop to either Ethernet port on a sub node and the dhcp gave me a working address of the expected subnet 192.168.8.xx. My conclusion is that both ports on the mesh sub nodes work as LAN ports. Only on the main mesh node is there a difference between the WAN and the LAN ports.

This is my problem. I would like to connect my GL-B2200 to the internet via an GL-AX1800 but have all the addresses allocated by the DHCP on the GL-AX1800. I do not want the B2200 creating another NAT layer. I have tried configuring the Main mesh node of the GL-B2200’s to have its WAN port work as LAN thinking the would do it but I am doing something wrong. Note that I had to change the GL-AX1800’s dhcp to allocate addresses in a different range from the GL-2200’si used 192.169.18.xx

Does anyone have any suggestions for me on how I can have all the mesh clients and other devices connected to the GL-AX1800 and the GL-B2200’s all on the same subnet, say 192.168.18.xx so they can all comunícate with each other as needed ?
Thx -Peter

Hi Pmeigs:

It need MESH in ap mode.The B2200 does not currently support this feature.

Got it! Thanks for the quick response.