GL-B2200 (Velica) USB Type-C power delivery


The USB Type-C cable coming with GL-B2200 is too short (only 1m long) for my intended placement of the device and the closest power socket, and is not detachable from the adapter.

What is your advised way to extend the power cable by additional 1.0-1.5m? I would appreciate specific recommendations (with links), if possible.

I liked this Type-C RPI4 cable particularly because it has ON/OFF switch (unfortunately, Velica does not have any power on/off switch), but it is only 30cm long. Does not seem that easy to find longer extension cable with ON/OFF switch.


I use a 3ft/1m Anker 313 on my Slate AX. There’s also a 6 ft/2m version.

Velica will support any USB-C adapter that supplies 5V/3A so one with a longer fixed cable or one that uses an USB port and add an appropriate length cable or you could use a USB-C extension cable (F to M).

Thank you so much for sharing advice!

Interestingly for myself, I discovered that

For power safety and signal integrity reasons, the concept of an extension cable (USB-C plug on one end, USB-C receptacle on the other end) is not part of the USB-C specification.

(Source is here).

Probably, this explains the not so many extension cables I was able to find.

Surprisingly, not many options with 2m long cables found either.

Combining a charger and a cable, commands higher price.

Did not expect it is not that easy to find a generic power adapter, similar to the one supplied with Velica (Shenzhen Shi Yuan Electronics manufactured), similarly white, but with the longer cable. Will need to cross out On/Off switch from the wish list :slight_smile: