GL-B2200 Wireguard Split Tunnel?

I was wondering if there is a way to split tunnel with the B2200. I have dug into the configs via ssh and I cannot include multiple subnets to pass through the VPN and send the rest out via the wan/default route.

I know there have been some work-arounds (see here) but the OpenWRT version that the B2200 uses is so old that the necessary tools to accomplish this are not available.


Never mind. The luci-proto-wireguard is not really needed if you use ssh to add the wireguard interface to /etc/config/network. You also need to add your new wireguard interface to the wireguard vpn zone set it up to allow traffic to the lan. Once completed, you can specify individual networks to pass to VPN and ones that will go out the WAN interface.

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