GL Dual WAN router

I have GL-AR300M. Looking for a Dual WAN router to connect to two diffident ISPs (Like Cisco RV042).

Is there a Dual WAN router with WIFI in GL series?

Can the AR-750’s one of the LAN ports be converted as WAN?

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As I understand it, the physical ethernet ports can be reconfigured to be two LANs or two WANs. That’s an OpenWRT thing. You can also make the radio a WAN with WISP mode, and the USB a WAN through tethering.

I’m eyeing that AR750s with the gigabit ethernet ports.

Thanks for the quick reply. then I guess I can try with my current router.

I can confirm that the two ethernet ports on an AR300M can indeed be configured as two wan ports. You need the mwan3 package to manage the ports giving load balancing on a connection basis and failover in the event of one of the wan feeds going down.
This also gives the advantage of doubling the throughput over that of a single 100Mb/s ethernet port even if connected to just one ISP’s router with the two ports.
We even sell a captive portal device based on the AR300M with dual wan functionality built in and switch-able in the UI.