GL E-750 Ways to Fix this device!

Special Ways to Fix this device!

I have bought this device long time ago, but it was broken until know I have found a fix. First, the fix is to install the old version 3.16 of its firmware. Then finally upgrade it with the latest of firmware with a tar file. And
remember to don’t split the named of its 2.4ghz or 5ghz WIFIS!

This assumed you have red of how to put it in unbricked mode, like by holding both power button and reset button down until count down 5 had halted.

Also I had to unchecked “Allow Switching To Other Saved Network” in the repeater options that located in the INTERNET section, and pressing snall gear button, and Select band selection to limit it to 5ghz band. As well select WIRELESS(ES) Bandwidth to 20MHZ both 2.4 and 5ghz, tx power to medium on both too, 5Ghz limit to AC, channels to AUTO if they aren’t on the wifis repeater’s channels.

How did it break?

Seems you have done normal settings only.