GL E750 connected but no internet

I used two different Vietnam sim cards on a device and they worked fine but when i put it in it showed the carrier on the device but i was unable to connect to the page to setup the mudi device. Any way i can fix this issue? i am not sure what to do here

on my device that i used to connect to wifi it shows that i am connect to the router but there is no internet access.

Is this e750V1?

So you cannot connect to the router WiFi and set up at

It is V2, and yes i am unable to access the webpage since there is no internet

Can you access the device through a lan?

You need to connect to the router's wifi and access to set up.

It does not need Internet to do so.

it connects through LAN to my wifi but the website wont load now is there any other ways to setup?

i can go on other websites the internet works now but it doesnt let me access

What ip did you get through the e750?

this is what shows when i connected through ethernet cable and connected through the router on my mobile device

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when i try to go on setup it will say "this site cant be reached" the blank white page

Can you disconnect from wifi and connect again?
Can you use your computer to access this device via LAN?

i dont know what you mean nothing works it would help if could maybe get on call and help because nothing is working right now

i followed all the instructions on the paper and nothing has worked

You can


from your computer

If that's not possible, try restoring factory Settings as a last resort

i figured it out.. now when i added vpn on device it worked then i turned it off and now when i try to use it for ethernet connect to my device doesnt work . things a fucking piece of shit one fucking problem after another going to return this