GL-e750 Display shows temperature in C - Change to F

Hi my MUDI show the temperature on the display in C. Can that be changed to F? I couldn’t find a setting to do that.

I’m not 100% sure, but check in the MCU page of the GL UI:

I checked there. No options to change C to F for temperature

@alzhao @luochongjun

Demand? :rofl:

Something hard to understand.

Sorry. I am sure the last two answers were meant to be helpful, but the United States still uses Fahrenheit as the measure of temperatures. The MUDI currently displays temperature as
Celsius. While not as large as the rest of the world the United States represents a sizable portion of the market. Is there a way to display the devices Temperature in Fahrenheit. OpenWRT already knows how to do this, Linux does this, MacOS does this windows does this already.

i do agree with @limbot and @alzhao about the use of F basically only in the US but not being able to ad a basic math operation, like multiply by 1.8 (or 9/5) and add 32, to a software is really a lack of skills from various points of view, both technically and commercially.

Meh. I’m used to using Celsius when it comes to electronics. I don’t even bother trying to convert to Fahrenheit anymore.

As far as I’m concerned, 25 degrees is rom temperature, 85 degrees is where most commercial parts are rated to keep working reliably, and 90 or more is bad. It doesn’t matter to me what the exact temperature is, as long as it’s below certain limits. If fact, it makes more sense to me, because I tend to think about what is hot to me in Fahrenheit. If my electronics’ Celsius numbers are below what I think is hot for me in Fahrenheit, they’re good.

For me, anything below 80 is “green”, 80 - 90 is “yellow”, and >90 is “red”. Frankly, I don’t care what those are in Fahrenheit, because keeping the numbers below 100 is easier for me. I don’t need to calculate what 50 degrees Celsius is, because I know it’s still a safe temp.

I don’t use my electronics to figure out what clothes I need to wear to go outside!