GL-E750: How to switch roaming providers

I am using a German SIM from Deutsche Telekom in the GL-E750. I am raoming in the Netherlands and by default the device joins "ODIDO" as mobile network. Where I stay, "KPN" has a better experience so I'd like to have the GL-E750 use "KPN" as roaming provider instead of "ODIDO". How do I manage to do so? There does not seem to be an option in the web interface to switch providers.

Can anyone help a noob here? Do I have to SSH into the device and then...?


The web UI does not have this function
It also depends on whether your sim card supports KPN carriers

You can refer to this AT instruction
I don't know which one to choose



just tried the four numbercodes and the last one works perfectly. Thanks a lot - problem solved.

obsolete follow-up question:
So do I get this right, that I can send the given command and should possibly try "20410" or "20469" or "20412" etc.?

In other mobile routers the SIM card plays well with KPN, so this should work.

If I want to go back to the standard provider "Odido", which number should I provide for this?

This is what I found

If these two don't work, try this command
Use this command to try an automatic carrier search

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