GL-E750 (MUDI) - AutoPower ON?

Another MUDI question. Every time I plug the MUDI in to recharge the battery it boots up. When I try to turn it off while it is plugged in it shows “Initialization”.

Is there no way to just recharge the MUDI without it being on?

With mine when I plug in it says “Booting” but if I long hold the power button it goes to “Shutting Down” but mine is a pre release.

We brought this up when it was originally released and there was discussions around changing so that it wouldn’t power on when plugged in to recharge but nothing ever happened about that. I just remember to “Power down” when I plug it in. :thinking:

Thanks!!. Ok so if I immediately press and hold the power button before it finishes Booting, it will power down. That works for me. I would rather the default action Not be to power up. Hopefully they take the feedback from you all and implement that…