GL-E750 Mudi, constantly lowering the signal

I have “EC25-E Mudi (GL-E750) 4G LTE”
My mudi constantly lowering the signal.

  • with SIM card in my phone I have 124 Mbps
  • with the same SIM card in Mudi and then connect my phone to Mudi I have 15 Mbps

Same situation when Mudi is repeater, then wifi signal is also lower.

Why my Mudi such lower signal ?

I don’t use VPN. I don’t use TOR. Only 1 device connected at time. Signal is testing with the same conditions, at low traffic (5 AM). Tested on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. I also checked with maximum and minimum speed and TX Power (dBm) in admin panel.
This is not one situation, My mudi constantly lowering the signal even on other devices. Do you know Why ? is there somewhere some hidden settings ?

Why you got EC25-E version? I think we used EC25-A for America and EP06-E for Europe.

EC25-E 4G EU ← this is my version. This is europe version.
EP06 is just a bit newer. But also I don’t supposed that this is problem for so low signal.

The EP06 is not just newer, its more sensitive too. I posted a thread here on the forums, comparing the different modules. The EP06 was more stable as well.

Ok but this is not answer for my main question. Why my Mudi such lower signal ? :frowning: